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Friday, February 24, 2012

Comparing by Table Comparison

PreviewAspire AS5560-Sb609Samsung NP-RF511-S03US 15in Notebook
TitleAspire AS5560-Sb609 (LX.RNT02.056) 15.6" (AMD™ Quad-Core Processor A6-3400M/4GB/500GBHDD)Samsung NP-RF511-S03US 15in Notebook
List Price$499.00
Your Price$481.99$570.00
Amount Saved$17.01 (3%)
ShippingFREE with Super Saver Shipping
Shipping Weight8.9 pounds6 pounds
Product Dimensions
Features# 1.40 GHz Intel Quad Core 2.26GHz
# 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
# 15-Inch Screen,
# Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
DescriptionAcer's Aspire Series offers a diverse range of notebooks with the performance, graphics and communication tools to maximize your digital entertainment, complete your daily tasks, and keep you in touch with friends and family, whether you're at home or on the go.Samsung RF511-S03 156inNotebook PC: 23GHz Intel Core i5-2410M CPU 6GB RAM 640GB HDD DVD-Writer b/g/n WiFi Bluetooth WiDi Webcam Windows 7 Home Premium
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Comparing by Waching Video

Comparing by Consumer Ratings and Reviews

Title Aspire AS5560-Sb609 (LX.RNT02.056) 15.6" (AMD™ Quad-Core Processor A6-3400M/4GB/500GBHDD)Samsung NP-RF511-S03US 15in Notebook
Customer Reviews

Comparing by Photo Gallery

Title Aspire AS5560-Sb609 (LX.RNT02.056) 15.6" (AMD™ Quad-Core Processor A6-3400M/4GB/500GBHDD)Samsung NP-RF511-S03US 15in Notebook
  • aspire-as5560-sb609
  • aspire-as5560-sb609
  • aspire-as5560-sb609
  • Aspire AS5560-Sb609
    1. samsung-np-rf511-s03us-15in-notebook
    2. samsung-np-rf511-s03us-15in-notebook
    3. samsung-np-rf511-s03us-15in-notebook
    4. Samsung NP-RF511-S03US 15in Notebook
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    Comparing Result

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